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Mynertia Group of Companies started in 2016, with the incorporation of Mynertia Technika and the rest was history. Aimed to be the anchor for these start-ups, Mynertia Sdn Bhd and Mynertia LLC was consecutively formed in 2017.

Mynertia is a BUMIPUTERA technology company, with business experience dated back from the late 1999. Our core business is providing data & communication solutions and services through our network of licensors outside of Malaysia. Our founders and partners have worked with renowned global satellite data service providers and we have also developed indigenous products and services, currently under development with government agencies in Malaysia. Our aim is to become a niche leading solution partners for satellite data communication entity providing global brand for wireless data and messaging services.

As an authorized solution partner to ORBCOMM Inc – a global M2M wireless telecommunications company, MYNERTIA group sets to provide solutions through an existing narrow band two-way digital messaging, short-burst data communications via geo-synchronous satellite and geo-positioning services in Malaysia, and also as far as the four corners of the globe.

MYNERTIA group specializes and supports numerous applications that have potential broad use within the government and corporate sector. Many government agencies around the world have already been leveraging on ORBCOMM’s ubiquitous satellite coverage and solutions.

For a start, we have established NAMSYS (“National Asset Monitoring System”) as a local product, monitoring of remote assets, telecommunication towers, monitoring of gas pipelines and water levels at our major rivers is a few of our self-developed products.


To become the local company in providing a customized wireless data communication for the government of Malaysia and South-East Asia through industrial collaboration programs with foreign technology companies


To deliver competitive IOT solutions and intelligent data management systems, focusing on government’s remote asset monitoring and management system


-Founder & Executive Chairman

Wanrozi is the original founder of Mynertia group of companies and was the singular founder of ORBCOMM in Malaysia, since the first inception of ORBCOMM business unit within CELCOM group back in the mid 90’s. An accountant by training, he graduated from the prestigious Hayworth College of Business at Western Michigan University. He started his career in a property management & investment company in Los Angeles and trained under Price Waterhouse audit firm in Kuala Lumpur.

Prior to joining CELCOM in the mid 90’s, he was also instrumental in managing financial and treasury activities with Malaysia Airlines. During his tenure in CELCOM, he led the cellular ventures and consultancy business and he was one of the project leader and key personnel for the new set up of the first GSM network in Bangladesh and Madagascar. Upon his return from overseas postings, he was nominated to lead a strategic partnership initiatives, including business development & commercial team of ORBCOMM division, where he initiated the MBO from the ORBCOMM system from CELCOM in 2004.

Wanrozi also have experienced in aerospace composite manufacturing and systems integration management during his tenure in CTRM and he is currently serving under contract with Technology Depository Agency Berhad, a company limited by guarantee under the auspice of the Ministry of Finance Malaysia.

Started his career with Jabatan Telekom in the early 80’s as senior technical officer attached to various sections such as underground cable, aerial and underground cable planning and radio communication section for more than 18 years. Joined Malaysian Communication Multimedia Commission in 2001 as the Deputy Director in charge of frequency assignments and apparatus assignments, site audit, coordinator to Formula One frequency requirements and involvement in Joint Technical Committee Meeting (JTCM) with Thailand, Singapore and Brunei.

Co-founder & Senior Regulatory Advisor of Mynertia Sdn Bhd

Colonel Ir. Mohd Asri Ismail (Retired) was a senior officer who served our nation under the Royal Malaysian Air Forces (RMAF) for 38 years, from 1980 to 2018.

He graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Aerospace Engineering and obtained his Master’s Degree from ENSICA-ENAC Toulouse in Aviation Design and Airworthiness. Ir. Asri continued his post-graduate studies in Science (Defence Strategy) from UKM (Malaysia) and Political Science (National Policy) from KNDU Republic of Korea.

During his service with the Malaysian Armed Forces, he is proficient in MRO of numerous types of aircrafts & helicopters. He was the first Malaysian officer to attend the airworthiness undergraduate course in Toulouse, France. He was also responsible for the establishment of the Royal Malaysia Air Force (RMAF) Center of Aerospace Engineering Services Establishment (CAESE) in 1995 and also the establishment of the Directorate General of Technical Airworthiness (DGTA) for regulating Malaysia State aircraft in 2010. 

President & CEO of Mynertia Aerokosmos & Defense Sdn Bhd

Charles is the managing partner at Sartoris Solutions in Dubai, and co-founder of MySartoris Solutions Sdn Bhd, a strategic partner of the Mynertia group. Charles brings over 20 years’ experience in industrial partnerships and supply chain management, with specialist expertise in industrial collaboration and structured finance.

Charles is responsible for managing the business portfolio and client project delivery in the MENA and ASEAN regions. Prior to forming Sartoris, Charles was COO at Blenheim Capital, specialising in the design and implementation of industrial participation programs utilising structured finance. During his tenure, Charles oversaw the successful completion of numerous projects ranging from a $2.1Bn infrastructure development program, to the establishment of basic industry manufacturing, processing plants and facilities, as well as numerous consulting assignments to overseas governments.

Charles brings considerable expertise in all aspects of the design, development and implementation of industrial partnership platforms targeting capacity development in major industrial sectors. With significant experience in multiple regions around the world, Charles previously worked for major corporations such as Glaxosmithkline and Total. Charles is a qualified member of the Chartered Institute of Purchasing & Supply, London Business School’s Corporate Finance Programme and holds an MSc in strategic procurement management.

Co-founder & Director of MySartoris Solutions Sdn Bhd

Muazam graduated in Commerce in 1994 from Murdoch University Australia and from his returned he began his career with Pelangi Airways Sdn Bhd in the General Cost and Expenditure section. He later joined Peremba Construction Sdn Bhd as the Project Accountant taking charge of monitoring the Project Cash Flow and Project Management Report of the subsidiary companies mainly, Peremba Trading Sdn Bhd, Isjati Sdn Bhd, Tekad Hebat Sdn Bhd and Perunding RRW Sdn Bhd until year 2000. He moved on to a haulage company looking after the company’s financial matters and operation.

Muazam joined ORBCOMM Malaysia in 2006 and was promoted as the CEO of ORBCOMM Malaysia in 2012 and resigned his commission in 2014. He was instrumental to setting up the initial MNA accounts with MCMC in 2006 and is one of the most experienced person in obtaining approvals from OEMs and SIRIM.

Co-founder & Director of Mynertia Technika Sdn Bhd

Shairul has more than nine years experiences in performance management and business development. Graduated in Biotech field from Universiti Putra Malaysia in 2007, he began his career in a prestigious pharmaceutical company as performance management specialist. He was responsible to manage the Group’s Performance Management System using balanced scorecard by designing, developing, implementing, monitoring and analyzing the group of companies’ key performance indicators (KPI).

In 2010, he then advances his career with new challenging responsibilities as an assistant manager in business development division. During his tenure, he successfully closes various business deals with international counterparts from Europe and Asia.

Co-founder & Business Development Director of Mynertia Oceanic Sdn Bhd
& Mynertia Aerokosmos & Defence Sdn Bhd

Zul has been one of the ardent supporter and administrator towards the inception of Mynertia from the early days. His strength is in the day-to-day administration and logistics of the company, and have a vast knowledge in managing the deliverables of Mynertia and its partners. Zul is a natural entrepreneur and self-starter in his own and is a valuable asset to this new set up.

Director of Mynertia Sdn Bhd

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